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Stag & Thistle by Brett Lewis

Shimo by Debby Maddy

Swept Away

Cultivate Kindness from Moda

Tree of Wisdom from Northcott

Vintage Farmhouse by McKenna Ryan

Migratory Pursuit from Northcott

Banyan Batiks

Small Things from Lewis & Irene


Shimmer Radiance

The Joys of Spring


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Botanica Flowers Digital


Brightly Blooming Linen/Cotton


Elastic 1/4 inch White


Elastic 1/8 inch White


Quilting Arts August/September 2020 Issue 106


Rainforest Mosaic


Simply Neutral Black Floral


Unique Bobbin Saver


Quilting Arts June/July 2020 Issue 105


Boxed Tapa Kit Brown


Follow Your Heart by Terry Atkinson


Magic Cubes by Karen Combs


Migratory Pursuit Lap Quilt Kit


Natures Narratives Sea Glass


Reflections by The Fabric Addict


Tree of Wisdom Trails Kit


Tropical Gumdrops